Hey there! I am Hampus Jensen, online I go by Leonick, sadly I'm no longer the sole user of that handle.

I'm from and live in Sweden and was born in 91. Currently working as System Technician.

Just an average geek, spend my time on things like computers, "gadgets", movies and tv shows, video games, web development. Such an original collection of interests right?

That's enough about me, for now anyway. You can read more about this site further down this page.

Contacting me

Should you want to contact me you can do so on twitter or using the email below if 140 characters isn't enough.

Email me at:

About this site

The site is hosted on a DigitalOccean VPS. DNS and Mail is hosted by CityNetwork.

The site itself is written/coded by me, no out of the box CMS here. The current iteration of the site was built with the help of bootstrap. Most pages on the site are plain files on the disk. The blog parts of the site use my own blog 'engine' which is written in PHP and uses MySQL.

Web standards are important, and this site adheres to them. The HTML markup should validate as HTML 5 and the CSS should be valid.

These days it's also important that your site works well on mobile devices. Any decent site should have a responsive design which this site does, in addition the content and functionality is the same no matter how big your screen is.