Spiffing CSS - CSS for brits

Simply put, brilliant!

I really wish this didn't have to be a thing though. Can't say I've ever felt I wanted to use plump instead of bold but I've often wondered why CSS (or browsers really) can't just accept colour and centre as well as color and center. It's not exactly a long list of synonyms to check for.

Allowing the use of !please in place of !important is a rather nice and funny touch.

Logitech G700s Mouse

My old Logitech MX Performance, which I've been quite happy with, was starting to get a bit worn down (the outside/surface that is, just fine mechanically) so I bought myself a G700s as a replacement.

I did consider just getting another Performance MX but it was never a perfect mouse, the thumb-rest is far too deep for my grip (old MX Revolution was much better), the sideways tilt of the scroll-wheel barely works and it wore out far too quickly so I look at alternatives first.

I did look at some other mice before picking this one up but at this point I'm so used to Logitech's dual-mode scroll wheel (click a button and the scroll wheel can spin freely and scroll extremely quickly) that it's hard to imagine using a mouse without it.

Ultimately, the Logitech G700s is what I went with, this post details my thoughts on it.

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New site

Look at that, new version of the site.

Unlike the change last year which was basically just a swap of the CSS this is pretty much a complete rewrite.

I started fresh with new CSS and HTML (though there is probably quite a few similarities in the structure and naming). It's fun to look back at your previous designs and see how you're style has changed and what has remained the same.

Leonick.se 2012 From 2012

Leonick.se 2013 From 2013

The blog system got pretty much completely rewritten, I used to have a lot of duplicated code, for example the code that parses and formats the category links for a post. Now everything has been moved to a single file and written as functions, about time I did it that way, makes it so much easier to make changes. Also took the time to switch from procedural mysqli to object oriented mysqli, was a lot easier to get used to than I expected it to be when I first looked at it.

In the end not much has really changed in how things work in the front-end of the site. Notable things that did change is that the blog now also have proper support for link posts (as seen on, for example, daringfireball.com). I also removed the pagination from the front-page. Having the most recent posts presented on the front-page makes sense but I feel that if you want to read older posts going to an archive where you just get a concise list of post titles and links is much better than clicking through pages showing a couple of posts in full each.

Yahoo Tech

Has a nice layout I'll give them that.

Think I'll check the site for a week or so, see if they post some good content. There doesn't seem to be a RSS feed though so unless they add one how good their content is won't matter to me, I keep track of my news exclusively through RSS.

I can't say I'm overly optimistic about the chances for a feed being added, RSS/Atom is sadly a rather geeky features and geeks, or gadgetheads Pogue called us, doesn't seem to be an audience they're aiming for.

I'm not a gearhead. If I were, I'd steer you to Engadget, AnandTech or Tom's Hardware—all terrific Web sites for gadgetheads.

But what about the rest of us? What about people who want or need machines that work well, feel right, don't cost too much—but who are left cold by version numbers, feeds and speeds?

LeoClock 1.2.5

Version 1.2.5 in itself is nothing big, just a few fixes. This version however is the first release to be released as a standalone and not just as a Joomla module.

I stopped using Joomla quite a while ago myself so it's been a while since I actually did the conversion of LeoClock to a standalone script, just didn't get around to releasing it for some reason.

1.2.5 also marks the last release to ever be done for Joomla 1.5. I'm not sure if there will be any future versions of LeoClock, it already does all I ever wanted it to, but if there ever is a new version it'll only be for Joomla 2.5 and up and as standalone. Just putting it out there.

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