"Windows 10’s weirdly disjointed music, video, and store apps"

Funny, this is basically the exact solution people keep suggesting for Apple and iTunes (players are separate apps, so is the store), now Windows use it and it's called "disjointed"... Of course, that would likely be the same if Apple did it as well. The tech press loves being negative.

Guns on the AppStore

Last week Apple suddenly didn't want guns on the AppStore, it was rather widely talked about.

It was quite a surprise for a lot of people, but it was really just a case of Apple enforcing a rule that is in no way new.

Apps with App icons, screenshots, and previews that do not adhere to the 4+ age rating will be rejected.

I'd argue it's a silly rule, I see the point of it, but I think it's silly. It'd be better to use the age in the users account to determine if they can view the app or simply prompt for for confirmation that they're over a certain age just like when you install an age restricted app like web browser.

One of the apps hit by the sudden enforcement of this rule last week was a game called Tempo. I don't know if it was featured on the AppStore last week but it is this week. Look at the screenshots and even the video and you'll find that they had to pixelate out all guns.

Tempo Screenshot 1

Tempo Screenshot 2

But that's all fine. The rule isn't new, can you really complain? Hmm, I wonder what else is featured on the AppStore this week. World Zombination, sounds interesting let's have a look.

World Zombination Screenshot 1

World Zombination Screenshot 2

Those guns don't look pixelated do they? The characters holding them are even aiming, ready to fire. In the Tempo screenshots the characters are merely holding the guns. Did someone just no see the guns in the screenshots for World Zombination? Both of these games are feature on the front page of the AppStore in the big banners so I somehow doubt no one looked at the screenshots.

Apple are of course free to have whatever rules they like on their AppStore, it's their store, but I don't think it's too much to ask for the rules to be consistently enforced. Inconsistent enforcement of AppStore rules isn't exactly new, that doesn't mean we shouldn't point it out. Apple need to step up their game with the AppStore and start working out some of the issues, this one should be fairly simply to get right.

IPad Air 2

I've had my iPad Air 2 for a couple of weeks now, unsurprisingly it is a great device.

The screen is beautiful, it's so good to have a retina screen on my iPad again (I had the original retina iPad before I got the iPad Mini). It's really fast, no surprise there, though there aren't any games that will really push the GPU yet so that will be fun to see what developers can get out of it. While the screen and CPU/GPU is great, the biggest upgrade in my book is the RAM (which Apple, of course, doesn't even bother mentioning). Exiting a game to find that all your Safari tabs are still loaded is awesome, then you browse a bit and read a few comics before you go back to the game and see that is still loaded, fantastic!

All that said, as I suspected I do miss the size of the Mini, but not for the reasons I expected to. While the Mini was half the weight of the third generation iPad the Air is only about a 100g heavier than the Mini, you can feel it but just barely. It's light enough to lie in bed and hold it with one hand. So, what's the problem you might ask?

Let's put it like this, what's the benefit of the larger screen? Sure, bigger screen when you watch a movie or play a game but besides that it doesn't give you anything the Mini won't. You don't fit more icons, not more of a webpage. When the Mini came out people were worried the UI would be too small, I'd argue in many cases the UI is too big on the Air.

Apple Event

Homescreen still features a 4 by 5 grid of icons. In other words, the iPad Air fits 4 fewer app icons per page than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is one quarter the size of the iPad Air. How exactly does this make any sense? And then there are the folders which just waste so much screen space. Even if ou want to keep folder pages at 9 pages you could show multiple pages on the iPad.

Almost makes you wonder if there is no one (with any say) within Apple actually using iPads, how else did they miss this?

New iPad Air is thinner and faster. No mention about weight though and as usually the don't mention RAM. I expect it'll be lighter since it's thinner but would be nice to know. If it has 2GB or RAM (as rumoured) instead of one that's a big upgrade, shame you should have to look up review to know.

They really rushed past the upgraded Mini. No word if on if it got any thinner or if it has the same SOC as the new Air.

Sad to see they went with the same storage tiers as on the iPhone 6. 16 GB just shouldn't be an option any more.

My current iPad is a first generation Mini, it's slow, it's RAM constrained, doesn't have a retina screen or TouchID, I'll be getting one of the new iPads but I've known that for a while. Not sure which though. If the new Air is lighter I might just go for that rather than a new Mini and if the Mini doesn't have the same SOC as the Air well, that pushes me further towards the Air, if the Air has the rumoured 2GB RAM and the Mini doesn't that settles it.

Finally, "It's been way to long". I was really hoping that was referring to the Mac Mini and it did! I've been hoping it'd get an upgrade for quite some time and it looks like a really good one too. Flash storage sadly isn't the standard but it is an option even on the lowest tier (which is now cheaper). No quad core option though which is a shame. I'm kind of interested in moving to OS X for everyday usage and making my Windows PC a dedicated gaming machine, not sure if a dual core would be good enough. Definitely looking forward to reading some in-depth reviews.

URL Shorteners getting out of hand

There is sometimes a good reason to shorten a URL... But bouncing around the user 7 times between various shorteners and other services is just ridiculous.

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