Nebula.app RSS feed

I asked about RSS feeds, it was on the Todo list.

After waiting patiently for a couple of months I made it an afternoon project to find a way to get the data and make a feed, so I could finally follow some of my favourite creators on Nebula instead of Youtube.

Uses publicly accessible APIs to get the latest videos of a given channel and generate a rss/atom feed.

Robertsspaceindustries.com RSS feed

Their RSS feed mysteriously disappeard. Months later despite them being aware of this and "working on it" the RSS feed still had not returned.

Tired of relying on Reddit or manually checking the site, I spent an hour or two writing a script to check their site a couple times per hour and put new posts in a database. I then made a RSS feed for that database in 15 minutes...

SWTOR Server Status 'api'

An 'api' that let's you get the server status for a given Star Warts: The Old Republic server.

The Kestrel Minority Website

Website built and administrated by me for a gaming guild.


A clock for your website that uses a combination of PHP and Javascript to get and display the time.

The initial time is set from the servers clock and chosen timezone, the clock is the run by Javascript. You know all visitors see the same time.