RSS Feed

RSS feeds are supposedly on their todo list, but so far they haven materialised for video channels, only podcasts.

Tired of waiting I decided to make my own feed so I could finally follow some of my favourite creators on Nebula instead of Youtube.

The Nebula site is driven almost entierly by javascript so can't simply be scraped. Fortunatly their APIs are publicly accessible. My script takes the requested channel, makes sure it is valid, fetches the channels most recent videos via the API and builds a RSS feed.

In your reader you will get the video thumbnail, length, and full description. But being a subscription service you of course have to click through to to view the video.

So far the script has worked without adjustments for several months, if Nebula were to change things on their end I'll try to adjust for it, but they could make it impossible so no promises.


Go to the channel you want to subscribe to and look at the address, replace with


Now add that adress to your feed reader of choice.