SWTOR Server Status

What it is

It's a simple way to get the status of a SWTOR server on a website. All that's needed is a query including the server name and all the data needed will be returned as javascript variables.

The server data is collected from swtor.com/server-status and swtor.com/systemalerts is used to more reliably detect maintenance.

Why I created it

I wanted a server status widget for the website of my guild but the only way EA/Bioware provided server status was in the game server selector and on a page on the official website, no form of api to use.

There was a site or two that had already done this but I found their data to be inaccurate on occasion even when the offical status page was up and working fine.

I decided to parse and provide the data myself.


Want to use this "api" for your own website? It's pretty simple.

Make a GET request to "https://leonick.se/swtor-server-status/?server=[server name]" where "[server name]" is the name of the server you want the status for.

If your http accept request header includes application/json or a parameter named json is set the returned data is formatted as JSON, otherwise the data will be returned as a series of javascript variables simply because that was my original solution.

For information about all the variables returned visit the query address without specyfing a server. Link.

A sample widget using the data can be found here

After you've done that it's just a matter of using the Javascript variables provided and display the data in a nice way.