Got myself a domain

Finally got myself a proper domain and got rid of the servehttp.com subdomains I got through no-ip.com. Noticed that many domain registrars around here were running campaigns with extra low prices on .se domains and Web of Trust had just started nagging me about my domains again (because people mark the servehttp.com domain as malicious rather than the subdomain they had problems with) so figure it was time to get that domain I had thought about.

Getting this domain cost me just over 1€, the refresh in a year will cost about 11.4€, with the current currency exchange that is.

Almost feels like it's too cheap. I registered the domain with citynetwork.se and they don't charge me anything to let me use their nameservers and manage my domain, they even give me email for the domain (up to 1000 addresses, 10gb inbox with a maximum of 250gb storage in total), for free, how doesn't that cost me at least 1€\month? Not that I'm complaining...