On the Apple Event

A retina 13" Macbook Pro. A refreshed Mac Mini. A redesigned iMac. Seems the Mac lines got some attention, all good there.

For the iPad we got the expected smaller iPad but alls a 4th generation regular size iPad. Let me guess, there are already people tweeting and posting on forums about the fact that Apple introduced a new generation too quickly (7 months compared to the typical time of about once a year) making their 3rd generation iPad obsolete right? People feeling burnt?

I don't get it, never have, probably never will, just like every other time any product is introduced the old one still works just the same it did yesterday and there is no reason to call it obsolete. If this was a month after the old one was introduced or I bought mine two weeks ago, maybe, but the device still wouldn't be obsolete.

As for the iPad Mini, I'll reserve judgement for now, pretty happy with the size of my current iPad. Not sure about the name, "Mini", why not leave it ant iPad and specify the size by adding screen size to the name? It seems to work well for iMacs and MacBooks.

Also, nothing about iTunes? Really? What a shame. When they announced iTunes 11 they pinned the release for October, I honestly expected them to show it of a bit more during the event ending that presentation saying it would be available today. Hope it's still coming in October.