The obsolete 3rd generation iPad

So, just two days ago after Apple had their event unveiling the iPad Mini and an updated iPad (as well as several other product updates) I predicted whining about said updates, complaints that Apple updates to quickly and that the third generation is somehow obsolete now. Looks like I was kind of spot on with that.

Here's what Ken Hess wrote in a post on his over at ZDnet:

It's unfortunate for consumers because now no one knows where to "buy in." Unfortunate for those of us who were stupid enough to buy into the original iPad. Unfortunate for those who purchased an iPad 3 a few months ago as the "latest" thing.

I hope that fellow Apple fans and consumers are now feeling that you've diluted the market to the point of ridiculous now.

You could almost thing he's never bought a piece of consumer technology before. Companies move on, products get updated, it's kind of their business. It hardly mean the old device suddenly became useless though.

I think James Kendrick nailed it in his piece, also at ZDnet:

Owners of the iPad just released months ago apparently feel they are entitled to own the latest and greatest iPad for a while longer than they did. Fact is, that iPad you bought is still the slick piece of technology today that it was on the day you bought it.

Your iPad has been there for you since the day you bought it. It's faithfully awakened each time you picked it up and hit the button. It has run every app you asked it to, and smoothly. The only thing it has asked in return is to plug it in when the tank gets low, and that's so it can continue serving you without interruption.

It may no longer be the latest iPad on the market but it is still your faithful companion. It has stood by you since you bought it through thick and thin. It just works, and will continue to do so even though there's a new iPad in town.

I'll just never get it I guess. Maybe the latest and greats iPad was only the latest and greats iPad for six months, but even so, it's still and really good device second only to the new one. There is never this kind of "outrage" or "disappointment" or "fury" when a car manufacturer releases a new model, or when Samsung release a new flagship phone for that sake.