iTunes 11 is out

Finally! iTunes 11 has been released!

First impressions, the icon in my taskbar looks like it's smaller than all the other taskbar icons (haven't bother checking if it actually is) but apart from that the update is pretty much amazing.

Now, of course, I've never had much of an issue with iTunes even from a speed or resource hogging perspective which is a common complaint (Steam on the other hand, now that is a slow resource hogging app) so I would most likely have been perfectly happy if they just added the "Up next" playlist to the old UI and called it a day. The fact that iTunes didn't have a "now playing" playlist that I could easily add more tracks to has always been my only real issue with iTunes. That's not what Apple did however, the whole app has been rethought and redesigned with specialized views for all type of content rather than the one list fits all used before, I love the new Artist view for music (I always used the column browser with Artists and Albums before, this is better) and the new podcast listing is a big improvement.