Search results for "leonick"

A few days ago I typed "leonick" in to Google to see what came up, it's a thing I do out of curiosity every now and then. It's fun to see what exactly shows up and how the results change over time.

I was surprised but happy to see that this site of mine is actually in third place, considering I haven't consciously done anything to get myself up there that feels pretty good. Sadly the site is not in the results of neither Bing nor DuckDuckGo.

Google's top two results are interesting, the first is leonick.be, a Belgian site for, something. My guess is the reason Google list either site is because of the domain and they have .be show up before .se. I could imagine the site being older and having some links to it as well, honestly though I think a site in English (such as this one) should rank over a site in Belgian when you're doing a search on the English Google. The second result is for LinkedIn, pointing to their public directory with users that has Leonick as a surname... More on the surname in a bit.

Looking at the rest of the results you'll also find my account on various sites as well as a few account profiles that do not belong to me, despite the name. Going further back in the results you'll get a lot of Facebook hits and a couple Youtube ones, in both cases pointing to profiles of people with Leonick as a surname. This is a rather new trend, Facebook didn't use to have so many profiles show up in results and Youtube just recently started to push for the use of real names.

Years back when I picked "Leonick" as my online handle (which I made up by combining the beginning of my third and second name and adding a K to the end) I had never heard it before and a Google search didn't really give you anything (Facebook wasn't yet founded after all) relevant for it. Since then though I've come to realize it's actually a surname in certain parts of the world, kind of funny, and a bit annoying.