Spike VGAs

Borderlands 2 as best shooter. Halo 4 awarded best graphics.

I'm not quite sure how those two ended up winning their respective awards.

Don't get me wrong, Halo 4 looked amazing specially when you consider that its a Xbox 360 title but you see that's also the issue, as amazing as it looked the category was "Best Graphics" and Halo 4 simply shouldn't be able to win that, it doesn't objectively have the best graphics of the year, it can't. Why you might ask? Simple, there were several other games that also looked amazing but which were also released on PC where they thanks to stronger hardware and availability of things like DirectX 10 and 11 looked even better.

The shooter category is a bit more subjective than graphics are, still, I don't get how Borderlands 2 won that. I played Borderlands 2 and I enjoyed much do to the story, much fun there, but I still haven't completed it in large part due to the shooting part of it. Yes, there are loads of guns, randomly generated guns, but they all fire bullets or rockets, some fire a single bullet, some a burst and some are full-auto maybe you'll even electrocute a target but as a while the weapons behave very much alike and for me they got boring an repetitive pretty fast. Borderlands 2 also failed to fix an issue the first had where most random loot guns are just crap for you to sell and you can go many hours without finding a better weapon. Meanwhile, in Halo 4 which was also nominated for Best Shooter you have a wide selection of guns that all have their own feel to them due to every single one having its own unique mechanics and purpose, add to that a wide range of vehicles and enemies with more variation in their behaviour and you have a much more interesting sandbox.

Oh, by the way, there still isn't a "Best MMO" category or a "Best Strategy" for that sake, but we do have "Best Social Game" and even more laughable, "Best Downloadable Game" as if that doesn't include the majority of all games, maybe it's supposed to be for exclusively downloadable games but the Walking Dead which was nominated and won that award is scheduled for a retail release this month so that can't be it.