VLC for Windows Store funded, this will be fun

For those who didn't know VideoLAN, the makes of the rather popular mediaplayer VLC has been running a Kickstarter with the aim to do a version of VLC that will go in the Windows Store and run on Windows RT and Windows 8 device. Well, they just got funded. That's nice, will give RT users a good video player in the future, might even work well on Windows 8 for some.

However the app turns out the thing most interesting about this to me is that we will see if a certain Rémi Denis-Courmont is indeed a valiant defender of licenses or if he's just simply full of shit (excuse my language). If you don't remember there was a port of VLC by a team called Applidium posted to the iOS AppStore about two years ago, shortly after the app was posted in the Store it was removed again. The reason behind the removal was that Rémi who is a lead contributor to the VLC project and thus of course have a lot of code in the project claimed that the app violated the GNU public license that is used for VLC (and presumably many individual parts of the code) since the iOS AppStore has "DRM" and doesn't allow you install any app be it free or paid on more than five devices.

Well, this same restriction is used in the Windows Store as well so unless they've changed the license for every part of the project that used it (seems unlikely) we should either see Rémi go after this version of the app as well or he won't in which case we know he's either just anti-Apple biased and his entire crusade against the iOS port was all bull-crap. If the latter is what turns out to be the case I sure hope someone (maybe Applidium) once again post VLC to the iOS AppStore and use the existence of the app in the Windows Store as a defence should they need to. Not because iOS needs it, there are plenty of good media players, but just because really.