IOS 7 First thoughts

In short, it looks really nice, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Control Center is nice but really, it's just about time.

New multitasking UI is great, not exactly new, we've seen those kind of cards before, but still, nice. The other tweaks to how apps do multi-task is nice as well.

In what we've seen of the AppStore on iOS 7 I can't help but notice that in the screen-shots showing the near me tab the apps are presented in a proper list, here's hoping this is how search results and any other list is displayed in the iOS AppStore. As for "Apps Near Me" could be a neat feature but I'm not sure it needs its own tab, not that I ever used genius,. which currently occupies that slot, all that much.

Only a few things I can really say I don't like at this point is the icons, they're not bad, I just think the old ones look better, a lot more interesting. Plain white background for safari, the camera icon looks like a couple of decades old camera which is just kind of odd.

I also wish there was an option to exchange all the white top and bottom navigation bars for silver or black one (the iPhone and iPad mini both come in black and white so why not) but that's just me not being a fan of all white UIs.

Not sure why they replaced the signal bars with the five dots though, the bars worked, it was easy to tell how good reception you had and it take less space, not that there is much up in that statusbar anyway.

As for iTunes Radio, looks nice, unfortunately the content owners are being as stupid as always and it's US only for now... Because it really matters where in the world you are when streaming music? Not a surprise though, just like how I still can't pay for TV through iTunes.

Curious how we didn't see any of iOS 7 for iPad, beta for iPad is coming in a few weeks unlike the iPhone beta which is available now so I guess it's a bit behind, still, kind of odd. Guess we have to wait for that beta release.