New site

Look at that, new version of the site.

Unlike the change last year which was basically just a swap of the CSS this is pretty much a complete rewrite.

I started fresh with new CSS and HTML (though there is probably quite a few similarities in the structure and naming). It's fun to look back at your previous designs and see how you're style has changed and what has remained the same.

Leonick.se 2012 From 2012

Leonick.se 2013 From 2013

The blog system got pretty much completely rewritten, I used to have a lot of duplicated code, for example the code that parses and formats the category links for a post. Now everything has been moved to a single file and written as functions, about time I did it that way, makes it so much easier to make changes. Also took the time to switch from procedural mysqli to object oriented mysqli, was a lot easier to get used to than I expected it to be when I first looked at it.

In the end not much has really changed in how things work in the front-end of the site. Notable things that did change is that the blog now also have proper support for link posts (as seen on, for example, daringfireball.com). I also removed the pagination from the front-page. Having the most recent posts presented on the front-page makes sense but I feel that if you want to read older posts going to an archive where you just get a concise list of post titles and links is much better than clicking through pages showing a couple of posts in full each.