"Gun-rights advocates"

Engage Armament announced it would start carrying the iP1 on May 1st. It backpedaled less than 24 hours later, after gun-rights advocates lashed out on Facebook and called the store, threatening to shoot Raymond, his girlfriend, and his dog.

Had the iP1 smart gun gone on sale all guns sold in the state of New Jersey would have to be state-approved smart guns in three years, due to the Childproof Handgun Law law from 2002. Three years from the first smart gun is sold in the country all guns sold in New Jersey has to be smart guns.

That's apparently bad in some way, so much so that people threaten to kill a man (and his family) for intending to start selling smart guns. These "gun-rights advocates" definitely shouldn't have any right to own a gun. It's kind of funny when "gun-rights advocates" make such a great case against what they're advocating.