Ars Technica reviews Google/TP-link OnHub router

Google's OnHub is a bit of a mystery. Google shipped us this box—well, this cylinder—but it won't really talk about what's in it or why it exists.
OnHub has a solid inner cylinder surrounded by a hollow plastic shell, which serves no purpose other than to look pretty. For now the shell comes in blue and black, and Google says more personalization options will be available later.
Like a lot of things on the OnHub, the USB port is mysterious and doesn't work right now. Will it be for NAS support? A debug mode? Only time will tell.
On the top of the OnHub are a bunch of ventilation holes, but one of the holes is not a hole. It's plugged up with what Google tells us is an ambient light sensor that will someday adjust the ring light based on the amount of lighting in the room. Right now it's not active.
OnHub also has a speaker—and not a tiny, quiet speaker, but a really loud speaker. So far, we've only seen it used during setup.

Launched a bit early? I mean, $200 for a WiFi router with a hint of more functionality being added in the future, just seems like an odd move. Why not wait until you know what you'll do with it an can market it properly? Especially when as just a router it can't compete with others in the same price range?